Athena Solutions

Athena Solutions AB is a product independent IT-consultant thatathena_logo_160px sells information and knowledge solutions to companies that want to take advantage of technology to outrun competition. Our Mission is to be the strategic partner of choice for knowledge companies by providing and customizing tools to control, share and leverage information and knowledge. Our profound belief is that technology can never replace the brain of the individual, meaning that we focus on the human aspects of technology.

Knowledge Management

What if a company knew what it knows? The information is there, hidden in reports and e-mails and published on the corporate Web site or even more probable, it is in the minds of the employees.
Knowledge management addresses many of the problems that organisations face today with an abundance of information, and requirements to respond faster and more accurate than the competition. What if we could harness this wealth and improve the transfer of competence between people in the organisation, to and from customers, suppliers and other stakeholders?

How do we do it

We are information architecture and knowledge consultants. We help you to understand information that your company uses and produces. We provide effective solutions for managing information, learning and knowledge within large organizations.
We have ready made solutions for document management, knowledge management and learning management. We use both commercial and open source systems to provide a broad range of solutions in terms of price and features.
We provide the entire stack of solutions needed to implement enterprise wide knowledge systems.