Pre-study – Requirements and project investment

The client (> 50 000 employees) needed more information to be able to decide on an investment for a larger document management project with several global business units involved. The report had to include a budget and a comprehensive project.

Athena Solutions coordinated and managed several business units and other stakeholders. In this assignment Athena created the following basis for decision together with the client:

  • Benefits framework – a framework showing actual business value each unit and stakeholder would benefit from a new system.
  • Scope statement – to gain control of the project’s magnitude, what documents, processes and units that should be included. We developed a framework to collect information from the business units involved. The scope statement was partly based upon the results from the taxonomy specification and the existing system architecture.
  • Project budget – we estimated costs for purchase of licenses and hardware, and the cost for internal- and external resources separated into operating and capital expenditures. The budget contained various alternatives for possible scenarios.
  • Project plan – a comprehensive project plan with different phases and time tables for all business units were developed. The plan was focused on a fast roll out and execution based partly on parallelization and the creation of a task group that could quickly take on new business units and countries.
  • Existing system landscape – as a basis for other work, Athena developed and summarized the existing system landscape to visualize needs for migration and also as a basis to decide on how urgent each part was.
  • Taxonomy specification – together with the business units Athena held workshops to determine the total need of document management. We created guidelines for use by the business as a support in their decision making process.

The assignment resulted in a solid ground for decision making. The report contained a high-level requirement specification, budget estimates and a roll out plan.

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