Athena Solutions provide services from prestudy to post implementation. You may use any or all of our services. We specialize in Content Managent, Documentum and Sharepoint. Contact us for a request for proposal or if you would like to ask anything.



A prestudy means that we conduct a study of the current situation and look at the problems you need to solve. The prestudy concludes in a document with suggested actions on how to solve the identified problems. A prestudy is usually conducted by appointment of your organization’s management since a knowledge or information management initiative requires participation from the management for a successful implementation. (Good things need to come from the top.) Most of the times the organisation and way the company work have to change in order to benefit from the initiative. We try to identify the business need, which is later used to evaluate the success of the implemented system.

Requirement Specification

Many companies find it difficult to write a Requirement Specification because they have no previous experience in solving similar problems. We can help you write a requirement or to comment an existing Requirement Specification. A Requirement Specification may look differently depending on which industry you are working in. We usually write the Requirement Specification together with you in one or several workshop(s).

Benchmarking and Evaluation

Athena Solutions are updated on the latest technologies and have many years of experience evaluating and benchmarking solutions and products. We can arrange visits to other companies with similar problems like you. We also arrange demonstrations of the products you are interested in. Since we are product independent we evaluate existing products on a regular basis.


Once the decision is made to go for a solution or product, we can help you to conduct a pilot together with training and setup of the system. Every pilot is usually followed by an evaluation and a roll-out plan.

System Integration

Most of the solutions we deliver require some amount of System Integration. We have many years of experience regarding standards and integration to different types of systems, be it e-mail, on-line communication, CRM or business systems.


Design can be anything from system design to usability. We help to design and plan how to set up the selected system. We design new systems as well as customize existing systems. We can do usability studies before or after implementation of a solution.

System Development

System integration usually require us to write code and to configure the system to fit the requirements in the Requirement Specification. We have many years of experience writing code and configuring systems. We follow common system development guidelines (Design patterns, TDD, SCRUM) to assure quality and speed of development.


When a system is deployed, training is required for different types of users from administrators to regular users. We develop and adapt training material for the different roles and focus on training the users in the way they are going to use the system. The selected software’s accompanying training material is seldom that focused.

Project Management

A good project management is required for a successful implementation of a new system. We provide experienced project managers and follow well-known principles and practices e.g. PPS, RUP and GAMP.

Systems Operation and Governance

Once the system is deployed and in use we provide help and guidelines on how to operate and govern it. We are certified ITIL professionals and experinced practitioners of industry best practice.

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